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Cleaning isn’t all about getting things ready for the next day. That’s why we come across with the concept of ‘total integration’, we completely keep your hands & mind free from facility management.
If your drainage blocked, we come & clear it for free of charge, if you struggle to deliver your office consumables on-time, we do it for you and many more.
We are completely different from old school cleaning companies, what we do is a customized service, best thing you ever have with us is we are very responsible for what we do, and we answer to your phone calls & text messages.
The cleaning & facility management industry has dramatically changed over the years, due the BREXIT, the industry suffered lot in terms of labour shortages. Due to the health & safety, living wage & pension regulations, the industry has changed a lot. Traditional SMEs has completely wiped out from the industry. The Cleaning companies expect the employees to be more educated, NVQ higher graded & experiences due to the regulations & the competition.

We provide Office Cleaning Services in;

London, Romford, Essex, Chelmsford, Colchester

EMP cleaning services geographically focused on Essex, Chelmsford, Colchester, London, Romford & Cambridgeshire areas. We are specialised in commercial office cleaning, facility management, schools, gymnasium, restaurants and pubs. We have many clients who obtains cleaning services in other industries such as property management, construction and public servicing. The key reason for our success is the focus; As we are serving in the cleaning industry for few decades, we know the requirements of the clients very well than anybody.

Further Human Resource element & the employee focus strategy let our business to be more stable. For any businesses, the success is based upon its people, same with us, all of our management’s recruitment are internal, still our doors open for external applicants, but still we expect all the supervisors & managers and even for contract managers and directors to have experiences as janitors, because, nobody understands a cleaner & their requirement than another cleaner.
Commercial level Cleaning is a challenging job, it’s a life time commitment, still people don’t understand how important to maintain a premises according to the hygienic requirements. Traditionally, the cleaning industry and people have been under recognized, however that has been changed a lot. The janitor gets higher pay & lot recognition than ever. The experience is another key of the success, understand customers’ desire, the nature of the job, correct chemicals and environmental impacts should be understood by the cleaners. Therefore, we practice onsite learning & development programme. All our operatives are trained and educated about the COSHH requirements, chemical components & different methods & techniques of cleaning.
If you want to try us for a trial, please call us or visit our Commercial Cleaning Company website for more information.

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