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Cleaning Industry

Great Britain and the United Kingdom are at the edge of a historic change, the Labour has said it is prepared to bring back another EU referendum to strengthen the economy and stabilize the politics. Jeremy Corbyn has told Labour MPs if their own proposed Brexit deal is rejected on Wednesday, the party will move to back another vote. Labour’s Emily Thornberry said if the parliamentary process ended with a choice of no deal or the PM’s deal, the public should decide. Theresa May is under growing pressure to delay the 2 March Brexit date. Labour is not yet making clear what their proposed referendum would be on. The janitorial industry is at high risk due to labor shortages. According to the British Cleaning Council, the cleaning industry contributes over £24 billion to the UK economy and employed over 700,000 people.
This one of the crucial industries, because of not only its contribution to the economy or employment generation but it affects the whole population as it helps to keep our environment healthy & hygienic. Over the last two decades, European Citizens have contributed tremendously. They brought various skills, knowledge and skilled labor. However, none of our previous or current governments have recognized the skills of Janitors nor rewarded their contribution. It has been mainly recognized as temporary or part-time employment. But the truth is there are thousands of people make living and career advancements in the cleaning industry. This can be identified as the most underestimated and unrecognized, but one of the most important industries in the county. Still, UKBA has not recognized Janitors as skilled workers, therefore, unlike other industries, we may not be able to recruit cleaners from outside the UK. Due to the Brexit, it’s very unlikely we may have newcomers coming to the UK to work in the industry. The other option we have, how  much our younger generation wants to join the industry and develop their career. It is not a straightforward process to train a good janitor, it’s a combination of knowledge, skills and interpersonal skills. The knowledge about products, COSHH awareness, knowledge about chemistry is crucial for the cleaners. The same chemicals may react differently on similar but distinguished surfaces, therefore, to educate a good cleaner at least 5 years required. Understanding the client’s requirement, time management & project management skills are very important for cleaners. You might be the best cleaner, but if your personal and social skills are nil, you may not be a great cleaner. Always, the customer has to
put in first and need to understand his/her requirements, budget and then the time and resources need to be allocated based upon former circumstances. It is the time that the policies and the legislators need to understand the requirements of the cleaning industry. The new legislation needs to be identified, especially the labor rules must be loosened to strength the industrial requirements.

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