Do you sit on a sofa or live on a sofa? Suppose you are a sofa lover bewitched by the comfortability of a sofa/couch. In that case, most of your time at home may pass laying on it with food, books, laptop, pillows and blankets, and almost all your belongings. See, you don’t sit on a sofa; you live on a sofa.

“This couch exists just for me, my dog, and for all my stuff!”

Yes, of course, for your stuff, including body oil, sweat, hair, food leaves, pet hair, maybe pet urine; who knows, all the things gathered through all this time. Also, the different types of upholstery - made in cotton, linen, wool, nylon, velvet, viscose, silk, etc., can hold so much dust and dirt more than you think. The problem is you cannot see them, and you think your sofa is all good because it has got no spills or stains yet. Eventually, it becomes an excellent habitat for the germs and bacteria inside your house, office, restaurant, or wherever you should keep very clean and hygienic.

Then here it comes; the need for a professional deep clean for your upholstery/fabric sofa/ couch. A deep clean is essential for any of it and should be performed timely as it is beneficial in many ways.

  • A deep cleaning helps to keep the fresh look, remove odors and increase the lifetime of the sofa/upholstery.
  • The appearance is not just enough! Professional sofa cleaners can ensure the safety and hygiene of the sofa by disinfecting and sanitizing, applying the most suitable cleaning method for each unique sofa.
  • Maybe you have just bought a sofa, or are going to sell your old one. A cleaned look sofa will definitely give you a good price. In London, you can find many used or old upholstery at sales to buy for lower prices. But before using them, remember to disinfect and give a deep clean in order to prevent entering the uninvited germs, viruses, and diseases into your place, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Besides, you don’t know how the previous owner used it before, right?
  • When the time comes to share one sofa with family for a scary movie night or with friends to watch a football match, then the popcorn, chips, sauce, and drinks also require some space from your sofa. And in the end, after your visitors leave, you will probably see a few smudges that they have left on your sofa. A deep clean can remove all such spills and stains from your sofa if you do it ASAP with professional help.

How to clean a fabric sofa, how to disinfect my sofa, how to remove odor from upholstery? We know there are a ton of cleaning questions in your mind. Cleaning a valuable sofa without knowledge or experience is too risky. There are different cleaning techniques and solvents applicable for the different upholstery, and it should be done according to the cleaning codes given by the sofa manufacturer.

If you are from Chelmsford, Colchester, Essex or the surrounding areas you can hire trained sofa cleaners from EMP Cleaning Services for any of your couch/sofa/upholstery cleaning, disinfection services, and deep cleaning.

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