Beauty and cleanliness; a professional salon must be a combination of both! If you are a salon owner thinking about maintaining the cleanliness of your salon while being busy making your clients beautiful, hiring professional cleaners for salon deep cleaning is the best solution to proceed with.

What do your clients think? And how does salon deep cleaning affect it?

In a salon, dozens of makeovers, hair and beauty treatments, etc. happen throughout the day and each task takes a considerable amount of time to complete perfectly. So, your clients have more than enough time to observe every nook and corner of the salon. Hence, if you wish not to lose their love and trust, you should keep the salon waiting areas, sofas, surfaces, carpets, and bathrooms in first-class condition.

Clients always interact with the reception and retail area of the salon. If the products and showcases are covered with dust, that will be the first thing to notice. On the other hand, this can be a place that spreads viruses, germs, and bacteria among the clients and your staff.

Salon floors are more important than you think.

Usually, salon interiors are designed with large free spaces. So the salon floors quickly get clients’ attention, being a major factor for the first impression. While working with different beauty products, chemicals, hair sprays, gel types, they always fall onto the floors, making them oily and stained. It cannot be recovered by sweeping. And also, many fallen or removed hair can stay forever stuck on the floors. So, the salon floors need to be mopped, scrubbed, polished, or vacuumed timely, enhancing the elegance of the premises.

Salon bathroom? Should not skip at all!

Sometimes, salon professionals and clients have to share the same bathroom. So, it should be hygienic, safe to use, and also pleasant. With a deep cleaning process, cleaning professionals can wipe down and sanitize all the bathroom surfaces. Everything will be thoroughly cleaned, not only the toilets, but also the sinks, faucets, faucet handles, towel holders, bathroom floors, and mirrors. Restoring all the restroom paper products and toiletries (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc.), emptying and cleaning the trash cans are also essential.

Salon disinfection is a must!

Every deep cleaning session should end up with perfect disinfection. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic situation, both clients and salon professionals should be very careful. Clients come and go, and some will stay for hours. Salons in London always get many strangers, right? How can you be sure that they are not bringing any viruses into the salon? As a solution from your side, what you can do is disinfect the entire salon frequently. If you call the right cleaners for the salon deep clean, your salon will be disinfected perfectly, covering every surface of the salon.

Manicure, pedicure areas, and hair washbasins

These are the sections where you have a lot of work. Clients like to close their eyes and relax while you are making them pretty. So, it is your responsibility to provide them a quality service in a pleasant environment. Good-looking chairs, spotless upholsteries and carpets, cleaned washbasins, sparkling table surfaces and mirrors can convince the clients how caring you are.

What do you think? Is it time for a salon deep clean? Contact EMP Cleaning Services for salon deep cleaning services in and around London, Essex, Chelmsford, Colchester areas. According to your requirements, you can request a range of cleaning services, including fogging, COVID disinfection services, end of tenancy cleaning, office cleaning, etc. as well.

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