Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants Cleaning with EMP Cleaning Services

What makes people really happy? Outing with friends, a romantic dinner, or a gathering with office buddies or family? Whatever it is, they need a fine place, and of course, food! That’s why pubs, cafes and restaurants exist all over the world. In the UK, a friendly bar staff, a great pint and having the mates around create a great British pub for the customers. Cafes and restaurants are a combination of delicious food, good ambience with comfort, perfect interior, exterior and attractive views, turning visitors into regulars.

COVID-19 Disinfectant Cleaning is a Must

Either be it a pub, cafe or a restaurant of any scale, cleanliness, health and safety, starting from food to their external environment comes first. Since such places are open for any stranger, there is a high chance of spreading harmful pathogens, germs and bacteria, especially the viruses like COVID -19. During the past months of pandemic lockdowns, customers couldn’t even think of visiting their favorite pubs, cafes and restaurants even though they really wanted to. Fortunately, with the new roadmap for lifting the lockdown in London, these places get the opportunity to re-open for their valued customers under safety rules provided by the government. If you are a pub, cafe or restaurant owner reading this right now, might be wondering how to perfectly ensure the health and safety of the visitors from the coronavirus.

All you need to do is follow proper cleaning methods/techniques with quality and recommended cleaning chemicals, disinfectant sprays, and sanitizers. If you are not well aware of them or busy with other reopening logistics, booking a commercial COVID-19 disinfectant service with a professional cleaning team is a must.

Add to your checklist;

  • Disinfectant fogging
  • Floor and Carpet Deep Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Deep Cleaning
Clean food and the perfect ambience of a pub, cafe or restaurant can make your guests really satisfied. Remember, if their moments are remarkable, then your restaurant is also remarkable.

No visitor expects to ruin their valuable time and moments because of the unnecessary involvement of flies or the unpleasant odours within the pub, cafe or restaurant, rather than enjoying. The dust on the seats and sofas, food leaves and oiliness on the tables, mud on the carpets and the floor, unclear, misty windows and glasses, and even the look of the trash cans harm the good image of your restaurant. That’s why we suggest cleaning must have a higher priority, same as cooking delicious food. Hence, why not arrange daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines covering every nook and corner of the building? A shiny floor, good-looking carpets, clear windows and glasses, and an overall well-cleaned, perfect atmosphere cannot stop customers from returning back to your remarkable place.

Now it’s clear that running a pub, cafe or a restaurant without proper cleaning practices is impossible, especially during a pandemic era. Already tired? Indeed you will need help in this continuous cleaning process.

You can hire EMP Cleaning Services to disinfect the entire area with our special COVID cleaning, fogging, and disinfection services. We provide deep cleaning services for both front and back of house, floors/carpets deep cleaning, wall treatments, window cleaning, and all the other simple but essential cleaning tasks. Start your industries back again and rise in a clean environment.

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