Are you an owner of or an officer in charge of managing a commercial premise or an institution? Then, you might know how important it is to make sure the building and all of its components work and rest properly, because;

  • Having a well-maintained and cleaned facility means creating a happy, safe, and hygienic environment for your employees, customers, or any other visitors.
  • It saves both your time and money required for huge maintenance tasks rising up time to time.
  • You can prevent any hazardous accidents from taking place to ensure the safety of everybody.
  • All the essential requirements of the people who work, study, or live within the premises must be provided to keep them satisfied and productive.

Stressed about how to arrange all of the above perfectly all alone? Keep calm, and hire a professional facility management and building service (we suggest us; EMP Cleaning Services, London :D) right away!

What Includes in EMP Facility Management and Building Services?

When we are hired to manage your facility and provide building services, we mainly focus on;

  • The efficient and effective delivery of logistics and other support services required for your property.
    • This includes professional handyman services to look after minor emergencies, installations, replacements, etc. We ensure the protection of the quality of building, equipment, and machinery as they are investments of your business.
    • Further, we make sure to increase the overall visibility of operations so that you can make better management decisions.
    • We assist you and teams in adhering to industry and governmental standards/laws as well.
  • Ensuring the functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of the built environment.
    • We supply high-quality consumables including food items (tea, coffee, bread, etc.), soap, paper towels, toilet papers, toilet paper dispensers, etc.
    • In times of pandemics like COVID-19, we disinfect and deep clean every nook and corner of the premises.
    • Moreover, we deep clean commercial living areas, office spaces, kitchens, washrooms, and every corners ensuring a safe and healthy environment.
    • If any maintenance task occurs which is not in our scope, we inform the higher management about them in detail, preventing any unwanted incidents.
  • Making the facility environmentally friendly.
    • We always work on reducing the carbon footprint from your commercial premises.
    • Meanwhile, we use cleaning chemicals and techniques that are eco-friendly and made according to industry standards.

So, if you are seeking for the best facility management and building services provider in and around London, Chelmsford, Colchester, Essex or Kent areas, do not delay in contacting us!

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