Suppose you are going to settle at a newly built house or buy a new office building. At the very first moment you see the place, what would make you so satisfied and happy? Of course, the clean and perfect finishing looks right? Hence if you are building/renovating a new house or going to buy a new premises for your family or business, keep reading the rest about builders cleaning; it’s that much important.

What is builders cleaning?

Simply, builders cleaning is providing a thorough clean after a building construction or renovation project before handing it over to the client. It is also known as post-construction cleaning and is the final; yet one of the most important steps of the project. After completing the work, the project team and helpers may clean inside and outside the building (construction cleaning), but it is not the builders cleaning. Builders cleaning is the finishing touch! It includes intensively cleaning the kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, joinery, skirtings, floors, walls, windows, and every nook and corner of the building

Have you ever felt an unusual/unready feeling when entering a newly built building? It happens when the builders' cleaning fails.

With a professional builders cleaning session:

  • Awkward and unready feelings are wiped out with all the dust and uncomfortable odors.
  • All floors are mopped or vacuumed perfectly, removing the dust and paint stains.
  • Balconies, gutters, glasses, windows, and window frames are cleaned, ensuring no dirt remains.
  • High-level fittings (lights, fans), switches will be checked and wiped carefully.
  • The kitchen and bathroom fixtures, ceilings, walls, and inside and outside the cupboards are cleaned.
  • At the end of the cleaning day, you will see a fantastic place to continue your life with no delay in finding hidden dust and defects.

How does builders cleaning differ from regular or domestic cleaning?

Regular or domestic cleaning has different cleaning goals. They are already living/used areas. So, their cleaning goals may depend on the business type and the use of the building. But the purpose of builders cleaning is preparing the place for living or commercial use.

So, you need to find a professional commercial cleaner to get the finishing touch of your new building. We, EMP Cleaning Services, have hands-on experience in many builders cleaning projects in London and Essex areas, for years. Our team is responsible, reliable, and dedicated to providing our customers with the best outcome.

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