Hey, any bathroom singer here? Well, we know that you all are! And, how many of you pass the time in the bathroom thinking about life, planning the future, and, oh yes, avoiding your mom’s best friends? There are plenty of reasons for someone to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So, we guess that the bathroom also can be someone’s favorite place to be, and the cleanliness and look of the bathroom are beneficial to all of us; in many ways.

Let’s move onto the point. Why is bathroom cleaning so important?

A bathroom is a place where many germs and bacteria such as E.coli, Micrococcus, Streptococcus, Salmonella, etc., live. The indoor environment of most bathrooms consists of perfect humidity and temperature levels for the breed of germs. You cannot see the growth of bacteria, but you will indeed feel the results after a certain time. If you often use shared toilets and bathrooms, like in a hotel, hospital, school, and office, there is a high chance of catching germs. These germs can cause several diseases like diarrhea, stomachaches, vomiting, and mostly, different skin asthma and rashes.

Most people think that the toilet is the germiest place in a bathroom. But if your cleaning process doesn’t go well, you may miss some other unnoticeable places full of hidden bacteria. Next time, if you do the cleanings by yourself, here is a checklist you must follow up.

  • Toothbrush holder - It is said that the toothbrush holder is one of the germiest places in a bathroom, but most people don’t give much attention to clean such items.
  • Sink - If the sink is placed closer to your toilet, you need to take more time to clean and sanitize the sink and other objects attached to it (soap holders, racks, and mirrors).
  • Doorknobs - Everyone comes to the bathroom and touches the doorknobs, sometimes with their dirty hands.
  • Bathroom fixtures - Towel dispensers, faucets, toilet handles

Besides preventing the spread of germs, there are other things that should be considered at your cleaning time. What gives you an unpleasant feeling about your bathroom? Fallen hair, bad smell, fungi attacks on walls, unclear mirrors, dirt on bathroom fixtures, fully loaded dustbins, soap and toothpaste spots, etc. Is this list too long?

Now you see that maintaining a pleasant environment is not an easy task in such frequently used areas. That’s why you need professionals’ help.

We, EMP Cleaning Services, is a reputable commercial cleaning company in London, and bathroom cleaning is one of our best specialties. You can always make your bathroom shine with the experience and knowledge of our professional cleaners. You will be 100% satisfied by the cleaned look and the pleasant smell (best scents for your bathroom) in the bathroom after a complete cleaning session from EMP Cleaning Services. That means, yes, you can disappear in your bathroom as long as you want without getting any bad feelings.

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