About EMP Cleaning Services

Our Work Speaks for Us! Pioneers in Commercial Cleaning Services.


The Story of EMP Cleaning Services

EMP Cleaning Services was founded in 2006, rebranded in 2018, and we have a humble origin with over 35 years of professional commercial cleaning experience. Our headquarters is based in Chelmsford and offices are in Romford and Central London too.

As a company, we provide integrated solutions to meet the higher expectations of both commercial and corporate entities. We are the 'City Cleaner,' we understand the city-based modern businesses' requirements and nature more than anybody else.

The cleaning and facility management industry is one of the largest industries in the country, which has dramatically changed over the years with improved professionalism and is highly regulated. To move along with all the changes;

  • We developed an internal performance measurement system to identify both individual and team performances, considering their achievements against our KPIs.
  • We got a highly trained, dedicated staff who take pride in being cleaners. We inspire them through training, career development, high intensives, social welfare, and reward programs.
  • Our cleaning model based on employee entertainment and independence encourages them more.

At EMP Cleaning Services, we have accomplished all the important milestones with our valued clients' contributions. They have recommended us for our professional cleaning services and worked with us together for many years. We delivered the best-spoken solutions in the UK to exceed customers' expectations.

Cleaning involves a lot of labor; we understood that empowering cleaners is the key to our success. We have invested in employee training, management structure, intra-communication, and cleaning machinery during the last few years.

What is always important is not the profitability but the SUSTAINABILITY. So to sustain in the industry; Our primary focus is to expand our business with a solid and lasting relationship with our customers and the broader community. We have created a management structure where every individual receives adequate information with zero minutes of waiting time because proper communication between the clients and us is critical. Every day, the staff must inform the nature of the work carried out, especially incidents, to the management electronically.

We are covered by employers' liability (£10,000,000.00) and public liability (£10,000,000.00) insurance to meet Essex County Council requirements. Unlike other facility management services, we consult our staff to establish a lower waste management system with no extra charges, and we provide initial infrastructure free of charge..

We have everlasting employees who are with us for many years. We ensure their grievances are heard, dedication is rewarded, and we work closely to understand why our employees want the job. EMP Cleaning Services ensures transparent and fair recruitment procedures with no discrimination based on personal circumstances, nationality, gender, or any reason. The balance of women and men in the workforce, including at the executive level, is highly considered.

As safety comes first, we never encourage our staff to undertake any risky activities, and we train them about chemical and equipment handling to avoid accidents. Understanding various milestones they want to achieve, the nature of the job is customized so that our staff performs with perfect work-life balance.

Environment-Friendly Approach

As a cleaning services provider, we are much closer to the environment than any other industry. Therefore, our responsibilities towards the environment should be more accountable than any other business. Our environment-friendly cleaning service approaches include;

  • Many internal policies to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Re-using bin liners which save thousands of bin liners per year
  • Restricting the usage of harmful chemicals and working to achieve eco-cleaning solutions replacing the toxic chemicals by 2025
  • Cleaning chemicals that meet the COSHH requirements
  • Disposal of toxic substances under our management's strict supervision
  • Reducing the number of plastic bottles we use during the cleaning procedures
  • Training cleaning operators about recycling, waste management systems, chemical disposal with zero emission of negatively impacting substances, and storage
  • Working towards meeting our own CSR, accountability, and sustainability

Our activities, including the employee reward system, are aligned with an ethical and environmental policy. All our directors, employees, and the broader communities are interconnected to establish a sustainable environment. In the end, our goal is to achieve zero environmental pollution.

Health and Safety

All our staff members are responsible for each other's health and safety. No hierarchy is applicable if a cleaner sees anyone, even a director putting themselves and others in a risky situation. They have the right to stop them. Further to that;

  • Once a year, all our teams wear the 'SAY IF YOU SEE' slogan, and it reminds them about their responsibilities in H&S
  • All of our staff are required to access their H&S training annually
  • We organize an assessment and workshop with all the supervisors and selected cleaners, training them to provide first aid
  • Every cleaning cupboard is allocated with a first aid kit and an instruction book
  • The harmful chemicals can only be used upon management approval and supervision
  • Our public liability insurance and employers liability insurance cover GBP 10.00 million
  • We closely work with 'Citation' and annually review our H&S policy
  • All our products and delivery procedures are accessed by 'Citation' regularly
  • We have an accident and emergency recording system, contingency procedures for the health, safety, and wellbeing of our staff and our valuable customers
H&S policy