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The Journey of EMP Cleaning Services


We love the environment!

The environmental friendly approach can be identified as an ethical initiative; all the cleaning chemicals meet the COSHH requirements. The cleaning operatives are educated about the recycling and waste management systems.EMP Cleaning Services, we are committed to meet our CSR; we understood, the importance of accountability and sustainability. As a clean-ing service provider, we are much more closer to the environment than any other industry, therefore our responsibilities are accountable than other businesses.We have a very strict control of chemical usage, disposal and recycling – our employee reward system also aligned with the environmental policy. We are committed to achieve zero environmental pollution; we have educated our employees about chemical disposal and storages.

We are working towards to achieve only eco-cleaning solutions instead harmful chemicals by 2020.Some of the chemicals we use have huge negative impact for our Mother Nature. We are committed to ensure the disposal of such chemicals follow the zero emission procedure and further we have restricted the usage of such chemicals and only those chemicals will be released by a strict supervision of our management. All our product packaging, office waste are recycled. We always endeavour to minimise the wastage. We consider eco and other ethical initiatives as the core-competencies of our business and all other activities are aligned with ethical policy. All our directors, employees and wider community are interconnected in order to established a sustainable environment.


The Journey of EMP Cleaning Services